Ciao Mondo! 4

Hi Everybody, welcome to my new blog. For many years I’ve been blogging around the Internet, first using Blogger, for my Irish adventures, then Tumblr, once I got back to Italy. But now it’s time to change. It’s time to use this nice short personal domain that I’ve owned for years but never actually used in a serious way.

So, here I am, with a new blog, a new job, a new mission.

I hope this blog will give me the chance to share with you some of my thoughts, both personal and professional, and that it could give you the possibility to reflect about the various topics I’ll be discussing along the way.

Thanks for passing by, and, as usual, have fun!


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4 thoughts on “Ciao Mondo!

    • Christian Pezzin Post author

      I love collaboration tools and always like to explore all the various options in the UCC world. The 2 main ones that I really like, and use, are Google Apps and Office 365. Two different Vendors (Google and Microsoft), similar offerings, pros and cons on both sides. There are, apart from these, many other vendors who are trying to compete in this space. Also from a “project management” or “issue/ticket” tracking type of platform there are many interesting things out there. I personally really like Jira and Asana, but there are more.
      What about you Dan? BTW, you just gave me the idea for a topic of one of my next posts (not to “abuse” of this hello world welcome post.. eheheh). Thanks!

      • Dan Pezzin

        I am glad you are doing this blog. I love exploring new options as well. Office 365 is great! I love that Microsoft finally released Office Mobile for free on the play store. Many people were choosing to download free alternatives like Quickoffice. Google Apps are fantastic too, however Google releases so many new products all the time it can be hard to keep track of them all. I have also heard good things about Yammer and Asana.