Christian Pezzin

Today I am going to the 2016 edition of the Information Technology Forum organized by IIR, in Milan, with a brief speech about the role of a Chief Digital Officer. If you participated and would like to keep up with the discussion, feel free to leave a comment in this post. Thanks!

Information Technology Forum 2016

You hear a lot negative feedback about email in general: Email is dead, Email is old-school, Problems with too many messages in my inbox, etc… The story I want to tell you will help you understand that, on the contrary, email is actually a valuable, free and immediate way of communicating. Read more here, on […]

Hi Everybody, welcome to my new blog. For many years I’ve been blogging around the Internet, first using Blogger, for my Irish adventures, then Tumblr, once I got back to Italy. But now it’s time to change. It’s time to use this nice short personal domain that I’ve owned for years but never actually used […]

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