About me

Hi. Welcome to my personal blog. My name is Christian Pezzin, I am from Italy and I love technology, in all its forms.


Brief History

I grew up in a small town in Emilia Romagna, called Cento, and I lived there since 2005 before flying over to Ireland, where I spent 4 years working for Google.

From Sept 2009 to Nov 2014 I worked for Barilla, in Parma. Currently, I am the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) at OCME.


Why this blog

I decided to open up this blog mainly for one reason: to share with you my personal thoughts on 3 topics that every CDO should keep very well in mind: People. Processes and Technologies.


People are the main focus of my role. Helping people work better, live better, collaborate and interact. This is the main reason why I do what I do.


Processes are what people do and how they work together. You need to understand them and find the best way to improve them.


This is the “glue” that puts together People and Processes. Thanks to the “good technology” and pure innovation, you’ll be able achieve the best synergy between people and processes.


This is what I do.



This blog is about me, it contains merely my personal opinion on all topics that I’ll write about and it’s not related in any case to my current Employer.